Jul 2, 2009

The Vespa disease is spreading....

I have had it for quite a while now, Bro Hot Rod Max also has it and good friend the wine & spirits guru Ingela has also caught the bug, I made her ride a 09 Vespa LX 125 at Scooterpremiären and all she's been talking about since is: I must find me a Vespa!!!! She already has a Phillipe Starck designed Aprilia Moto 6.5 but the urge to own a classic Vespa was overwhelming and today she called: I got one!!!! I bought an 80's Vespa P 80!!!! I am a Scooteristi!!!!! I feel the need, the need for vinyl mods boots!!!!
DP says: Scooterns Dag Stockholm October 3, let's ride....

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Söt som socker
Whiter shade of Piaggio
MMMMMMMMM Mmmmmmmarängen